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install - Bartels AutoEngineer Installation Utility


install [-c] srcfile[pattern] dstfile[directory\*]


The install utility program is applied for installing the Bartels AutoEngineer PC software (or parts of it) to the PC hard disk. install can also be used for packing (compressing) and/or unpacking (decompressing) selectable files.

The install utility program is the one and only tool feasible for performing a correct PC installation since the BAE PC software files are stored in compressed format on the disks of the BAE install media.

Modes of Operation

BAE Software Installation

The BAE PC software installation process can be started with the


command, where the current directory must contain the contents of the BAE install media, i.e., either floppy disk 1 of the BAE install kit or the BAE CD-ROM must be mounted, and the working directory must be set to the corresponding drive. The install program comes up with a self-explanatory dialogue, where the user (amongst other parameters) has to specify the install mode. The install mode is used to select the file set to be installed. Standard install modes copies all software files. Update install modes does not replace certain system files ending on .dat, .def and .fnt. I.e., update install mode should be selected to prevent the install program from overwriting existing user-defined setup data, color tables, font definitions, aperture tables, etc. The install program also prompts for the destination directories. The directory default names can be accepted by pressing the return key Return/Enter Key (CR). Each destination directory path name can be edited or can even be deleted to suppress installation of the corresponding component(s) of the software. Any of the destination directories not yet existing is automatically created with user verification.

Compress/Decompress Files

The formal install syntax for compressing and/or decompressing selectable files is

install [-c] srcfile[pattern] dstfile[directory\*]

where option -c activates compression and decompressing is applied by omitting that option. Wildcards (pattern) can optionally specified with the srcfile source file argument. The \* string is required at the end of the destination directory specification when selecting multiple files with wildcards.


Decompress all .ddb files from floppy/drive A and store the decompressed files to directory baelib on hard disk drive C:

>  install a:\*.ddb c:\baelib\* Return/Enter Key (CR)

Decompress the file ged.fnt from floppy drive B and store the decompressed file to directory bae on hard disk drive D:

>  install b:\ged.fnt d:\bae Return/Enter Key (CR)

Compress the file design.ddb and store the compressed file to design.cmp:

>  install -c design.ddb design.cmp Return/Enter Key (CR)


The error messages issued by install are intended to be self-explanatory.

Baumeister Mediasoft Engineering » Bartels AutoEngineer » BAE Documentation » BAE User Manual » Utilities » INSTALL

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