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Chapter 2
Circuit Design / CAE

This chapter describes in detail how to use the Schematic Editor for creating SCM library symbols and designing circuits. The examples presented with this chapter introduce the concepts and advanced features of the BAE Schematic Editor in a logical sequence and will take the user through the design and modification of library symbols and a circuit drawing which will be subject to further processing in the subsequent chapters. The reader should work through this chapter without missing any sections to gain full understanding of the BAE Schematic Editor. Once a command has been used and/or explained, the operator is assumed to have understood its function and be able to perform it again. Subsequent instructions containing this command will be less verbose for easier reading and more speedy learning.



2.1.1Components and Features
2.1.2Starting the Schematic Editor
2.1.3Schematic Editor Main Menu
2.1.4Customized Schematic Editor User Interface
2.1.5In-built Schematic Editor System Features
2.2SCM Library Symbol Design
2.2.1Creating SCM Markers
2.2.2Creating SCM Symbols
2.2.3Creating SCM Labels
2.3Designing SCM Circuits
2.3.1Creating and Editing SCM Plans
2.3.3Connections, Labels, Busses
2.3.4Text and Graphic
2.4Special SCM Functions
2.4.1Virtual Symbols
2.4.3Plug Pin Assignment
2.4.4Net Attributes
2.4.5Tag Symbols
2.4.7Exiting the Schematic Editor
2.5SCM Plot Output
2.5.1General Plot Parameters
2.5.2HP-GL Pen Plot
2.5.3HP-Laser Output
2.5.4Postscript Output
2.5.5Generic Output under Windows
2.5.6Bitmap Plot Output to Windows Clipboard
2.6Hierarchical Circuit Design
2.6.1Sub-block Circuit Drawing
2.6.2Sub-block Reference Symbol and Logical Sub-block Reference
2.6.3Top Level Circuit Drawing
2-1Special BAE Attributes
2-1SCM Library Symbols
2-2SCM Symbol CD4081
2-3SCM Library Access
2-4SCM Sheet with Symbols
2-5SCM Sheet with Symbols, Connections
2-6SCM Sheet with Symbols, Connections, Labels
2-7SCM Bus Connections
2-8SCM Sheet Demo/Sheet1
2-9SCM Sheet Demo/Sheet2
2-10Hierarchical Circuit Design; Sub-Block SCM Sheet "BLOCK"
2-11Hierarchical Circuit Design; Block Symbol "DFF" with Loglib Definition
2-12Hierarchical Circuit Design; Top Level SCM Sheet

Baumeister Mediasoft Engineering » Bartels AutoEngineer » BAE Documentation » BAE User Manual » Circuit Design

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