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fontextr - Font Extraction Utility


fontextr fontname libraryfile


The fontextr utility program analyzes BAE internal vector font data and generates an editable ASCII font description file.

fontextr accepts the font name fontname as first argument. This is the name of the font to be extracted from the font file. fontextr writes the ASCII font data to a file named <fontname>.fon.

fontextr accepts the font library file name libraryfile as second argument. This file must have an extension of .fnt but this extension must not be included with the command line. The font library file is the file from which the user wants to extract font data.

The Bartels AutoEngineer standard font library file is named ged.fnt. This file is stored to the BAE programs directory and contains the font(s) used by the AutoEngineer.

To find out which fonts are stored in a font library file apply the fontextr call with a <fontname> that does not exist in the font file and fontextr lists the fonts in the file.

Output File Format

The font description file starts with the FONT command (defining the name of the font) and ends with the keyword END.. Commentary text can be placed between /* and */. The font description file is structured according to

FONT <fontname>;
CHAR <ord>;    /* 'ASCII character' */
        POLY (0, 0), (10, 10), (10, 0) ;

where <fontname> is the name of the font and <ord> is the ordinal ASCII number of the character (e.g., character A would be number 65). The valid value range for <ord> is 0..255. Each character (CHAR) is defined by a list of polygon lines (POLY). Each polygon definition consists of a list of polygon corner point coordinates. The coordinates are specified in positive integer units in a 32x48 point grid area. The [0,0] coordinate refers to the left bottom corner of the grid area. Hence, the valid value range for X coordinates is 0..31, and the valid value range for Y coordinates is 0..47. Each character definition has a maximum of up to 32 corner points. At the end of each character definition header line a comment is printed for showing the ASCII representation of the character.


To extract the data of font standard from the font library file ged.fnt (font data output is directed to ASCII file standard.fon):

>  fontextr standard ged Return/Enter Key (CR)


ged.fnt -- BAE font library file (in BAE programs directory)

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The error messages issued by fontextr are intended to be self-explanatory.

Baumeister Mediasoft Engineering » Bartels AutoEngineer » BAE Documentation » BAE User Manual » Utilities » FONTEXTR

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