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Founded by Manfred Baumeister, Baumeister Mediasoft Engineering relocated from Germany to Dublin in Ireland in 1997. We specialize in custom software and web development services. Since our founding, we have helped clients from a variety of business sectors and industries develop their software and technology projects and realize their web visions.

We are also working closely together with Bartels System GmbH in Germany and are involved in the development of the Bartels AutoEngineer EDA software system for Schematic Capture, PCB Layout with Autorouter (Bartels Autorouter) and ASIC/IC Design. We prepare most of the Bartels AutoEngineer documentation and user manuals, and provide Bartels AutoEngineer sales and support services for English-speaking BAE customers from the UK & Ireland, the United States, Canada, Australia, etc.

Another one of our software products is CarLog, which we developed for iQ-mobil solutions GmbH, a German system house which specializes on industrial electronics development and wireless sensor systems.CarLog is a professional data acquisition tool for real-time CAN (Controller Area Network) interface and serial/COM port monitoring with plot display and import/export functions.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need more information about us or our products and/or services.

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Baumeister Mediasoft Engineering » Company Profile

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