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Bartels AutoEngineer® - User ManualBartels AutoEngineer® Documentation

Chapter 4
PCB Design / CAD

This chapter describes how to use the Layout Editor, the Autorouter, the CAM Processor and CAM View for creating layout library symbols and designing PCB layouts and for generating and processing CAM output and manufacturing data for the PCB production. The examples presented in this chapter introduce the concepts and advanced features of the BAE PCB design system in a logical sequence and will take the user from the creation of layout library symbols and the design and modification of a PCB layout through to the generation of manufacturing data for the PCB production. The PCB design example is based on the circuit drawing and net list data prepared in the preceding chapters and will be subject to further processing in the following chapter. The reader should work through this chapter without missing any sections to gain full understanding of the BAE PCB design system. Once a command has been used and/or explained, the operator is assumed to have understood its function and be able to perform it again. Subsequent instructions containing this command will be less verbose for easier reading and more speedy learning.



4.1.1Components and Features
4.1.2Starting the Layout System
4.1.3Layout Editor Main Menu
4.1.4Customized Layout Editor User Interface
4.1.5In-built Layout System Features
4.2Layout Library Symbol Design
4.2.1Creating Layout Pads
4.2.2Creating Layout Padstacks
4.2.3Creating Layout Parts
4.3Designing PCB Layouts
4.3.1Creating and Editing PCB Layouts
4.3.2Parts, Placement
4.3.3Text and Graphic
4.3.4Traces, Routing
4.4.1Part Set
4.4.2Matrix Placement
4.4.3Initial Placement
4.4.4Placement Optimization
4.5.1Starting the Autorouter
4.5.2Autorouter Main Menu
4.5.3Customized Autorouter User Interface
4.5.4In-built Autorouter System Features
4.5.5Autorouter Options
4.5.6Autorouter Control
4.5.7Autorouter Strategy
4.5.8Autorouter Functions
4.5.9Using the Autorouter
4.6Special Layout Features
4.6.1Batch Design Rule Check, Report
4.6.2Color Setup, Color Tables, Pick Preference Layer
4.6.3Layout Net List Changes
4.6.4SCM Changes, Redesign
4.6.5Defining and Editing Power Layers
4.6.6Autorouter Via Keepout Areas
4.6.7Area Mirror Mode
4.6.8Automatic Copper Fill
4.6.9Library Update
4.6.10Back Net List
4.6.11Blind and Buried Vias
4.6.12Exiting the Layout System
4.7CAM Processor
4.7.1Starting the CAM Processor
4.7.2CAM Processor Main Menu
4.7.3Customized CAM Processor User Interface
4.7.4In-built CAM Processor System Features
4.7.5Plot Parameters
4.7.6Power Layers
4.7.7HP-GL Output
4.7.8HP Laser Output
4.7.9Postscript Output
4.7.10Windows Generic Output
4.7.11Bitmap Plot Output to Windows Clipboard
4.7.12Gerber Photoplot
4.7.13Drill Data
4.7.14Insertion Data
4.8CAM View
4.8.1Starting the CAM View Module
4.8.2CAM View Main Menu
4.8.3Customized CAM View User Interface
4.8.4In-built CAM View System Features
4.8.5Processing Gerber Data
4.8.6Processing Drilling and Milling Data
4.8.7Retrieving Layouts from Gerber Data
4-1Autorouter Grids
4-2Autorouter Strategy Parameters
4-3Pick Preference Layer Color Tables and Short Layer Names
4-4Gerber Aperture Table "standard"
4-1Layout Library Symbols
4-2Layout with Board Outline and Plot Markers
4-3Layout Library Access
4-4Layout with Part Placement
4-5Routing with or without Via Offset
4-6Routing Traces Ongrid/Offgrid
4-7Layout after Autorouting
4-8Automatic Copper Fill Complexity
4-9Layout with Filled Copper Areas
4-10CAM Mirror Modes
4-11CAM Power Layer Isolation

Baumeister Mediasoft Engineering » Bartels AutoEngineer » BAE Documentation » BAE User Manual » PCB Design

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