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Bartels User Language - Programmer's Guide

C.1 Function Reference

Bartels AutoEngineer® Documentation

Each Bartels User Language system function is assigned to one of the caller types STD, CAP, LAY, SCM, GED, AR, CAM, CV, ICD or CED, respectively. This section lists the User Language system functions for each caller type.

Function Description Notations

Each detailed function description provided with this appendix indicates the function caller type and provides a formal function and/or parameter declaration. The function data type defines the data type of the corresponding function return value; void functions do not provide return values. The mode of operation of a function is explained in detail and/or illustrated by examples wherever necessary.

Parameter declarations can contain valid value range definitions. Such value range definitions consist of a lower and an upper value range boundary specification. Valid lower value range boundary specifications are:

[ Lvalue >= lower boundary L
] Lvalue > lower boundary L
] no lower boundary

Valid upper value range boundary specifications are:

U ]value >= upper boundary L
U [value > upper boundary L
[no upper boundary

The value range boundaries are separated by comma (,). The declaration

double ]0.0,[;

e.g., defines a parameter of type double, which must be greater than 0.0. The User Language Compiler knows about the parameter value ranges and issues error messages if parameter values are out of range.

A parameter declaration preceded with & indicates, that the corresponding parameter value is set and/or changed by the system function; the User Language Compiler will issue a warning message if a constant value or a calculation result is passed to such a parameter.

A parameter declaration preceded by * indicates that the corresponding parameter must reference a user function. The system function description contains the required user function declaration as well. When running the program, the system function will automatically activate the corresponding user function. The reference to the user function is usually optional; the keyword NULL must be used for the function reference parameter if no user function should be referenced. It is strongly recommended to take great care at the declaration of referenced user functions, since the User Language Compiler cannot recognize erroneous user function reference declarations (relating to required function data type, return value conventions, required parameters, etc.). In case of wrong function reference declarations the User Language Interpreter might show up with unpredictable results or fatal side effects at runtime.

A void system function parameter type indicates, that the corresponding parameter can be of any data type. A [] parameter type specification indicates, that the function expects optional parameters of any (void) type at this place.


C.1.1 Standard System Functions (STD)

The following User Language system functions are assigned to caller type STD; i.e., they can be called from each User Language Interpreter environment of the Bartels AutoEngineer (Schematic Editor, Layout Editor, Autorouter, CAM Processor, CAM View, IC Design and Chip Editor):

absAbsolute value of an integer
acosArc cosine
angclassClassify an angle value
arylengthGet array length
asinArc sine
askcoordInteractive X/Y coordinate value query
askdblInteractive double value query
askdistInteractive distance value query
askintInteractive integer value query
askstrInteractive string value query
atanArc tangent
atan2Arc tangent of the angle defined by a point
atofConvert string to floating point value
atoiConvert string to integer value
bae_askddbenameInteractive DDB element name query
bae_askddbfnameInteractive DDB file name query
bae_askdirnameInteractive directory name query
bae_askfilenameInteractive file name query
bae_askmenuInteractive BAE menu query
bae_asknameActivate BAE name selection dialog
bae_asksymnameInteractive BAE library element query
bae_callmenuBAE menu function call
bae_charsizeGet BAE text/character dimensions
bae_cleardistpolyClear internal BAE distance query polygon
bae_clearpointsClear internal BAE polygon buffer
bae_clriactqueueClear the BAE interaction queue
bae_crossarcarcDetermine cross point(s) of two arcs
bae_crosslinelineDetermine cross point of wide line segments
bae_crosslinepolyDetermine cross point of wide line with polygon
bae_crosssegarcDetermine cross point(s) of segment with arc
bae_crosssegsegDetermine cross point of segments/lines
bae_dashpolylineVectorize dashed BAE polygon
bae_deffuncprogDefine BAE function key
bae_defkeyprogDefine BAE standard key
bae_defmenuBAE standard menu definition start
bae_defmenuprogDefine BAE menu entry
bae_defmenuselSet BAE menu default selection
bae_defmenutextDefine BAE menu item text
bae_defselmenuBAE submenu definition start
bae_dialaddcontrolBAE dialog element definition
bae_dialadvcontrolAdd advanced BAE dialog element
bae_dialaskcallActivate BAE dialog with listbox element callback function
bae_dialaskparamsActivate BAE dialog
bae_dialbmpallocCreate BAE dialog bitmap
bae_dialboxbufloadRestore BAE dialog box data from buffer
bae_dialboxbufstoreStore BAE dialog box data to buffer
bae_dialboxpermActivate modeless BAE dialog
bae_dialclrClear BAE dialog elements
bae_dialgetdataGet BAE dialog element parameter
bae_dialgettextlenGet BAE dialog text length
bae_dialsetcurrentSet current BAE dialog box
bae_dialsetdataSet BAE dialog element parameter
bae_endmainmenuBAE main menu definition end
bae_endmenuBAE menu definition end
bae_fontcharcntGet BAE font character count
bae_fontnameGet BAE text font name
bae_getactmenuGet active BAE menu entry number
bae_getanglelockGet BAE angle lock flag
bae_getbackgridGet BAE display grid
bae_getcasstimeGet date/time of last project connection data update caused by Packager/Backannotation
bae_getclassbitfieldGet BAE DDB class processing key
bae_getcmdbufBAE command history query
bae_getcolorGet BAE color value
bae_getcoorddispGet BAE coordinate display mode
bae_getdblparGet BAE double parameter
bae_getfuncprogGet BAE function key definition
bae_getgridlockGet BAE grid lock flag
bae_getgridmodeGet BAE grid dependency mode
bae_getinpgridGet BAE input grid
bae_getintparGet BAE integer parameter
bae_getinvcolorGet BAE color inversion mode
bae_getkeyprogGet BAE standard key definition
bae_getmenubitfieldGet BAE menu function processing key
bae_getmenuitemBAE menu item query
bae_getmenuprogGet BAE menu entry definition
bae_getmenutextGet BAE menu text
bae_getmoduleidGet BAE module id
bae_getmsgGet BAE HighEnd message
bae_getpackdataGet last project Packager run data
bae_getpacktimeGet last project Packager run date/time
bae_getpolyrangeGet internal BAE polygon range
bae_getstrparGet BAE string parameter
bae_inittextscreenClear/initialize the BAE text screen
bae_inpointInput BAE point/coordinates with mouse
bae_inpointmenuInput BAE point/coordinates with mouse and right mouse button callback function
bae_languageGet BAE user interface language code
bae_loadcoltabLoad BAE color table
bae_loadelemLoad BAE element
bae_loadfontLoad BAE text font
bae_menuitemhelpDisplay BAE menu item help
bae_msgboxActivate BAE message popup
bae_msgboxverifyActivate BAE message popup with Yes/No verification
bae_msgboxverifyquitActivate BAE message popup with Yes/No/Quit verification
bae_msgprogressrepActivate/update BAE progress display
bae_msgprogresstermTerminate BAE progress display
bae_mtpsizeGet BAE popup display area dimensions
bae_nameaddAdd BAE name selection list element
bae_nameclrClear BAE name selection list
bae_namegetGet BAE name selection list element
bae_numstringCreate numeric string
bae_peekiactBAE interaction queue query
bae_plainmenutextBAE menu item text conversion
bae_planddbclassGet BAE element DDB class code
bae_planenameGet BAE element name
bae_planfnameGet BAE element file name
bae_plannotsavedGet BAE element not saved flag
bae_plansenameGet BAE destination element name
bae_plansfnameGet BAE destination element file name
bae_planwslxGet BAE element left workspace boundary
bae_planwslyGet BAE element lower workspace boundary
bae_planwsnxGet BAE element origin X coordinate
bae_planwsnyGet BAE element origin Y coordinate
bae_planwsuxGet BAE element right workspace boundary
bae_planwsuyGet BAE element upper workspace boundary
bae_popareachoiceDefine choice field area in active BAE popup menu
bae_popclipareaDefine clipping area in active BAE popup menu
bae_popclrtoolClear BAE toolbar popup area
bae_popcolbarDefine BAE popup menu color bar display
bae_popcolchoiceDefine BAE popup menu color bar selector
bae_popdrawpolyDisplay/draw polygon/graphic in active BAE popup menu
bae_popdrawtextDisplay/draw text in active BAE popup menu
bae_popmouseGet BAE popup/toolbar mouse position
bae_poprestoreRestore BAE popup menu area
bae_popsetareaActivate/select BAE popup menu/area
bae_popshowActivate BAE popup menu
bae_poptextDefine BAE popup menu text display
bae_poptextchoiceDefine BAE popup menu text selector
bae_postprocessRun BAE postprocess
bae_progdirGet BAE program directory path name
bae_prtdialogPrint string to BAE dialogue line
bae_querydistQuery BAE point to polygon distance
bae_readedittextBAE text input/display
bae_readtextBAE text input with popup menu
bae_redefmainmenuBAE main menu redefinition start
bae_redefmenuRedefine BAE menu item
bae_resetmenuprogReset BAE menu definitions
bae_sendmsgSend BAE HighEnd message
bae_setanglelockSet BAE angle lock fag
bae_setbackgridSet BAE display grid
bae_setclipboardStore text string to BAE clipboard
bae_setcolorSet BAE color value
bae_setcoorddispSet BAE coordinate display mode
bae_setdblparSet BAE double parameter
bae_setgridlockSet BAE grid lock flag
bae_setgridmodeSet BAE grid dependency mode
bae_setinpgridSet BAE input grid
bae_setintparSet BAE integer parameter
bae_setmoduleidSet BAE module id
bae_setmousetextSet BAE mouse click input text
bae_setplanfnameSet BAE project file name
bae_setpopdashSet BAE popup/toolbar polygon dash line parameters
bae_setstrparSet BAE string parameter
bae_settbsizeDefine/display BAE toolbar area
bae_storecmdbufStore BAE command to command history
bae_storedistpolyStore internal BAE distance query polygon
bae_storeelemStore BAE element
bae_storekeyiactStore BAE key-press interaction to queue
bae_storemenuiactStore BAE menu interaction to queue
bae_storemouseiactStore BAE mouse interaction to queue
bae_storepointStore point to internal BAE polygon
bae_storetextiactStore BAE text input interaction to queue
bae_swconfigGet BAE software configuration
bae_swversionGet BAE software version
bae_tbsizeGet BAE toolbar dimensions
bae_twsizeGet BAE text screen workspace size
bae_wsmouseGet BAE workspace mouse position
bae_wswinlxGet BAE workspace window left boundary
bae_wswinlyGet BAE workspace window lower boundary
bae_wswinuxGet BAE workspace window right boundary
bae_wswinuyGet BAE workspace window upper boundary
catextConcatenate file name extension
catextadvOptionally concatenate file name extension
ceilCeiling function
clockGet elapsed processor time
con_clearDelete internal logical net list
con_compileloglibCompile logical library definition
con_deflogpartDefine a logical library part entry
con_getddbpattribGet part/pin attribute from DDB file
con_getlogpartGet a logical library part definition
con_setddbpattribStore part/pin attribute to DDB file
con_storepartStore part to internal logical net list
con_storepinStore pin to internal logical net list
con_writeWrite internal logical net list to file
convstringConvert string
coshHyperbolic cosine
cvtangleConvert an angle value
cvtlengthConvert a length value
ddbcheckCheck DDB file/element availability
ddbclassidGet DDB class identifier
ddbclassscanScan DDB class elements
ddbcopyelemCopy DDB file element
ddbdelelemDelete DDB file element
ddbelemrefcountGet DDB file element reference count
ddbelemrefentryGet DDB file element reference entry
ddbgetelemcommentGet DDB file element comment
ddbgetlaypartpinGet DDB file layout part pin data
ddbrenameelemRename DDB file element
ddbupdtimeGet DDB file element update time
ddbsetelemcommentSet DDB file element comment
dirscanScan directory
existddbelemCheck DDB file element
exitTerminate a program immediately
expExponential function
fabsAbsolute value of a double
fcloseClose a file
fcloseallClose all files opened by the program
feofTest for end-of-file
fgetcRead next character from file
fgetsRead next line of text from file
filemodeGet file mode
filesizeGet file size
filetypeGet file type
floorFloor function
fmodFloating point remainder
fopenOpen a file
fprintfPrint to a file using format
fputcWrite a character to a file
fputsWrite a string to a file
frexpBreak double into fraction and exponent
fseterrmodeSet the file functions error handling mode
get_dateGet the current system date
get_timeGet the current system time
getchrGet a character from standard input
getcwdGet current working directory path name
getenvGet environment variable value
getextprogGet file type specific application
getstrGet a line of text from standard input
isalnumTest for alphanumeric character
isalphaTest for alphabetic character
iscntrlTest for control character
isdigitTest for numeric character
isgraphTest for visible character
islowerTest for lowercase alphabetic character
isprintTest for printing character
ispunctTest for punctuation character
isspaceTest for whitespace character
isupperTest for uppercase alphabetic character
isxdigitTest for hexadecimal numeric character
kbhitTest if key hit
kbstateShift/control/alt key state query
launchPass command to operating system without waiting for completion
ldexpMultiply by a power of 2
localtimeGet local processor date and time
logNatural logarithm; base e
log10Common logarithm; base ten
mkdirCreate directory
modfBreak double into integer and fractional
namestrcmpName string compare
numstrcmpNumeric string compare
perrorPrint error message
powRaise a double to a power
printfPrint to standard output using format
programidGet current program name
putchrWrite a character to standard output
putenvSet environment variable
putsWrite a string to standard output (append NL)
putstrWrite a string to standard output
quicksortSort index list
removeDelete a file or directory
renameChange the name of a file
rewindSeek to the beginning of a file
rulecompileCompile a rule definition
rulesourceGet rule definition source code
scanddbenamesScan DDB file element names
scandirfnamesScan directory file names
setprioSet BAE process priority
sinhHyperbolic sine
sprintfPrint to string using format
sqlcmdSQL command execution
sqlerrSQL error status query
sqlinitSQL database initialization
sqrtSquare root
strcmpString compare
strcspnString prefix length not matching characters
strdelchrDelete characters from string
strextractExtract sub-string from another string
strextractfilepathExtract directory name from a file path name string
strgetconffilenameGet environment variable expanded configuration file name
strgetvarfilenameGet environment variable expanded file name string
strgetpurefilenameExtract file name from file path name string
strlenString length
strlistitemaddAdd string to string list
strlistitemchkSearch string in string list
strlowerConvert string to lowercase
strmatchTest for string pattern match
strnsetFill part or all of string with any character
strreverseReverse string
strscannextForward find characters in string
strscanpriorBackward find characters in string
strsetFill string with any character
strspnString prefix length matching characters
strupperConvert string to uppercase
syngetintparGet BNF/scanner integer parameter
synparsefileBNF/parser input file scan
synparseincfileBNF/parser include file scan
synparsestringBNF/Parser string scan
synscaneolnBNF/scanner end-of-line recognition
synscanigncaseBNF/scanner keyword case-sensitivity mode setting
synscanlineBNF/scanner input line number
synscanstringBNF/scanner input string
synsetintparSet BNF/scanner integer parameter
systemPass command to operating system and wait for completion
tanhHyperbolic tangent
tolowerConvert uppercase to lowercase character
toupperConvert lowercase to uppercase character
uliptypeGet User Language interpreter environment
ulipversionGet User Language interpreter version
ulproginfoGet User Language program info
ulsystemRun another User Language program
ulsystem_exitRun a User Language program after exiting current User Language program
vardeleteDelete global User Language variable
vargetGet global User Language variable value
varsetSet global User Language variable value

C.1.2 Schematic Capture System Functions (CAP)

The following User Language system functions are assigned to caller type CAP; i.e., they can be called from the Schematic Editor interpreter environment of the Bartels AutoEngineer:

cap_blocknameGet SCM sheet block name
cap_blocktopflagGet SCM sheet block hierarchy level
cap_figboxtestCheck SCM element rectangle cross
cap_findblocknameFind SCM block circuit sheet with given block name
cap_findlayconpartGet layout connection list part index
cap_findlayconpartpinGet layout connection list pin index
cap_findlaycontreeGet layout connection list net name net index
cap_getglobnetrefGet global net name reference
cap_getlaytreeidxGet layout connection list net number net index
cap_getpartattribGet SCM part attribute value
cap_getrulecntGet rule count for specific SCM object
cap_getrulenameGet rule name from specific SCM object
cap_getscbustapidxGet currently scanned SCM bus tap
cap_getscclassGet currently scanned SCM class
cap_getscrefpidxGet currently scanned SCM library element
cap_getscstkcntGet SCM scan function stack depth
cap_gettagdataGet SCM tag symbol destination data
cap_lastconsegGet last modified SCM connection segment
cap_lastfigelemGet last modified SCM figure list element
cap_layconloadLoad layout net list
cap_maccoordsGet SCM (scanned) macro coordinates
cap_macloadLoad SCM macro element to memory
cap_macreleaseUnload/release SCM macro element from memory
cap_mactaglinkGet SCM (scanned) macro tag link data
cap_nrefsearchSearch named SCM reference
cap_partplanGet SCM part sheet name
cap_pointpoolidxGet SCM junction point pool element
cap_ruleconattAttach rule(s) to SCM connection segment
cap_rulecondetDetach rules from SCM connection segment
cap_ruleerrSCM rule system error code query
cap_rulefigattAttach rule(s) to SCM figure list element
cap_rulefigdetDetach rules from SCM figure list element
cap_ruleplanattAttach rule(s) to currently loaded SCM element
cap_ruleplandetDetach rules from currently loaded SCM element
cap_rulequeryPerform rule query on specific SCM object
cap_scanallScan all SCM figure list elements
cap_scanfelemScan SCM figure list element
cap_scanpoolScan SCM pool element
cap_vecttextVectorize SCM text

C.1.3 Schematic Editor System Functions (SCM)

The following User Language system functions are assigned to caller type SCM; i.e., they can be called from the Schematic Editor interpreter environment of the Bartels AutoEngineer:

scm_askrefnameSCM reference name selection
scm_asktreenamSCM net name selection
scm_attachtextposAttach text position to SCM element
scm_checkbustapplotGet SCM bus tap plot status
scm_checkjunctplotGet SCM junction point plot status
scm_chkattrnameSCM attribute name validation
scm_conseggrpchgChange SCM connection segment group flag
scm_deflibnameSCM setup default library name
scm_defloglnameSCM setup default packager library name
scm_defsegbusSCM connection segment bus definition
scm_delconsegDelete SCM connection segment
scm_delelemDelete SCM figure list element
scm_drawelemRedraw SCM figure list element
scm_elemangchgChange SCM figure list element rotation angle
scm_elemgrpchgChange SCM figure list element group flag
scm_elemmirrchgChange SCM figure list element mirror mode
scm_elemposchgChange SCM figure list element position
scm_elemsizechgChange SCM figure list element size
scm_findpartplcLayout part placement status query (BAE HighEnd)
scm_getdblparGet SCM double parameter
scm_getgroupdataSCM group placement data query
scm_gethighlnetGet SCM net highlight mode
scm_gethpglparamSCM HP-GL plot parameter query
scm_getinputdataSCM input data query
scm_getintparGet SCM integer parameter
scm_getstrparGet SCM string parameter
scm_highlnetSet SCM net highlight mode
scm_pickanyelemPick any SCM figure list element
scm_pickbustapPick SCM bus tap
scm_pickconsegPick SCM connection segment
scm_pickelemPick SCM figure list element
scm_setdblparSet SCM double parameter
scm_setintparSet SCM integer parameter
scm_setpartattribSet SCM part attribute value
scm_setpickconsegSet SCM default connection pick element
scm_setpickelemSet SCM default pick element
scm_setstrparSet SCM string parameter
scm_settagdataSet SCM tag symbol pin destination
scm_storeconPlace SCM connection
scm_storelabelPlace SCM label
scm_storepartPlace SCM part
scm_storepolyPlace SCM internal polygon
scm_storetextPlace SCM text

C.1.4 Layout System Functions (LAY)

The following User Language system functions are assigned to caller type LAY; i.e., they can be called from the Layout Editor, the Autorouter and the CAM Processor interpreter environment of the Bartels AutoEngineer:

lay_defelemnameLayout setup default element name
lay_deflibnameLayout setup default library name
lay_defusrunitLayout setup default user units
lay_doclayindexLayout documentary layer display index
lay_doclaynameLayout setup documentary layer name
lay_doclaysideLayout setup documentary layer side mode
lay_doclaytextLayout setup documentary layer text mode
lay_figboxtestCheck layout element rectangle cross
lay_findconpartFind layout part index of a named part
lay_findconpartpinFind layout part pin index of a named part pin
lay_findcontreeFind layout net index of a named net
lay_getplanchkparamGet layout distance check parameters
lay_getpowplanetreeGet layout power plane tree number
lay_getpowpolystatLayout power layer polygon status query
lay_getrulecntGet rule count for specific layout object
lay_getrulenameGet rule name from specific layout object
lay_getscclassGet currently scanned layout class
lay_getscpartrpidxGet currently scanned layout part
lay_getscrefpidxGet currently scanned layout library element
lay_getscstkcntGet layout scan function stack depth
lay_getsctextdestGet scanned layout text line destination
lay_gettreeidxFind layout net index of a tree
lay_grpdisplayLayout setup group display layer
lay_lastfigelemGet last modified layout figure list element
lay_maccoordsGet layout (scanned) macro coordinates
lay_macloadLoad layout macro element to memory
lay_macreleaseUnload/release layout macro element from memory
lay_menulaylinecntGet the layer menu lines count
lay_menulaylinelayGet layer number of specified layer menu line
lay_menulaylinenameGet name of specified layer menu line
lay_nrefsearchSearch named layout reference
lay_planmidlaycntGet layout inside layer count
lay_plantoplayGet layout top layer
lay_pltmarklayLayout setup plot marker layer
lay_ruleerrLayout rule system error code query
lay_rulefigattAttach rule(s) to layout figure list element
lay_rulefigdetDetach rules from layout figure list element
lay_rulelaysattAttach rule(s) to layout layer stackup
lay_rulelaysdetDetach rules from layout layer stackup
lay_ruleplanattAttach rule(s) to currently loaded layout element
lay_ruleplandetDetach rules from currently loaded layout element
lay_rulequeryPerform rule query on specific layout object
lay_scanallScan all layout figure list elements
lay_scanfelemScan layout figure list element
lay_scanpoolScan layout pool element
lay_setfigcacheFill layout figure list access cache
lay_setplanchkparamSet layout distance check parameters
lay_toplaynameLayout setup top layer name
lay_vecttextVectorize layout text

C.1.5 Layout Editor System Functions (GED)

The following User Language system functions are assigned to caller type GED; i.e., they can be called from the Layout Editor interpreter environment of the Bartels AutoEngineer:

ged_asklayerGED layer selection
ged_askrefnameGED reference name selection
ged_asktreeidxGED net selection
ged_attachtextposAttach text position to layout element
ged_delelemDelete GED figure list element
ged_drawelemRedraw GED figure list element
ged_drcerrorhideSet/reset GED DRC error acceptance mode
ged_drcpathGED trace test placement design rule check
ged_drcpolyGED polygon test placement design rule check
ged_drcviaGED via test placement design rule check
ged_elemangchgChange GED figure list element rotation angle
ged_elemfixchgChange GED figure list element fixed flag
ged_elemgrpchgChange GED figure list element group flag
ged_elemlaychgChange GED figure list element layer
ged_elemmirrchgChange GED figure list element mirror mode
ged_elemposchgChange GED figure list element position
ged_elemsizechgChange GED figure list element size
ged_getautocorninsGet GED auto corner insertion input mode
ged_getdblparGet GED double parameter
ged_getdrcmarkmodeGet GED DRC error display mode
ged_getdrcstatusGet GED DRC completion status
ged_getgroupdataGED group placement data query
ged_gethighlnetGet GED net highlight mode/color
ged_getinputdataGED input data query
ged_getintparGet GED integer parameter
ged_getlaydefmodeGet GED default layer mode
ged_getlayerdefaultGet GED default layer
ged_getminconGet GED Mincon function type
ged_getpathwidthGet GED path standard widths
ged_getpickmodeGet GED element pick mode
ged_getpickpreflayGet GED pick preference layer
ged_getpowlayerrcntGet GED power layer error count
ged_getsegmovmodeGet GED trace segment move mode
ged_getstrparGet GED string parameter
ged_getviaoptmodeGet GED trace via optimization mode
ged_getwidedrawGet GED wide line display start width
ged_groupselectGED group selection
ged_highlnetSet GED net highlight mode/color
ged_layergrpchgSelect GED group by layer
ged_partaltmacroChange GED net list part package type
ged_partnamechgChange GED part name
ged_pickanyelemPick any GED figure list element
ged_pickelemPick GED figure list element
ged_setautocorninsSet GED auto corner insertion input mode
ged_setdblparSet GED double parameter
ged_setdrcmarkmodeSet GED DRC error display mode
ged_setintparSet GED integer parameter
ged_setlaydefmodeSet GED default layer mode
ged_setlayerdefaultSet GED default layer
ged_setminconSet GED Mincon function type
ged_setnetattribSet GED net attribute value
ged_setpathwidthSet GED path standard widths
ged_setpickelemSet GED default pick element
ged_setpickmodeSet GED element pick mode
ged_setpickpreflaySet GED pick preference layer
ged_setplantoplaySet GED layout top layer
ged_setsegmovmodeSet GED trace segment move mode
ged_setstrparSet GED string parameter
ged_setviaoptmodeSet GED trace via optimization mode
ged_setwidedrawSet GED wide line display start width
ged_storedrillPlace GED drill hole
ged_storepartPlace GED part or padstack
ged_storepathPlace GED internal polygon as path
ged_storepolyPlace GED internal polygon
ged_storetextPlace GED text
ged_storeurefPlace GED unnamed reference (via or pad)

C.1.6 Autorouter System Functions (AR)

The following User Language system functions are assigned to caller type AR; i.e., they can be called from the Autorouter interpreter environment of the Bartels AutoEngineer:

ar_asklayerAutorouter layer selection
ar_delelemDelete Autorouter figure list element
ar_drawelemRedraw Autorouter figure list element
ar_elemangchgChange Autorouter figure list element rotation angle
ar_elemfixchgChange Autorouter figure list element fixed flag
ar_elemmirrchgChange Autorouter figure list element layer
ar_elemposchgChange Autorouter figure list element mirror mode
ar_elemsizechgChange Autorouter figure list element position
ar_getdblparGet Autorouter double parameter
ar_getintparGet Autorouter integer parameter
ar_getminconChange Autorouter figure list element size
ar_getpickpreflayGet Autorouter Mincon function type
ar_getstrparGet Autorouter string parameter
ar_getwidedrawGet Autorouter pick preference layer
ar_highlnetGet Autorouter wide line display start width
ar_partnamechgSet Autorouter net highlight mode
ar_pickelemChange Autorouter net list part name
ar_setdblparSet Autorouter double parameter
ar_setintparSet Autorouter integer parameter
ar_setminconPick Autorouter figure list element with mouse
ar_setnetattribSet Autorouter Mincon function type
ar_setpickpreflaySet Autorouter net attribute value
ar_setplantoplaySet Autorouter pick preference layer
ar_setstrparSet Autorouter string parameter
ar_setwidedrawSet Autorouter wide line display start width
ar_storepartPlace Autorouter part or padstack
ar_storepathPlace Autorouter internal polygon as path
ar_storeurefPlace Autorouter unnamed reference (via or pad)

C.1.7 CAM Processor System Functions (CAM)

The following User Language system functions are assigned to caller type CAM; i.e., they can be called from the CAM Processor interpreter environment of the Bartels AutoEngineer:

cam_askplotlayerCAM plot layer selection
cam_getdblparGet CAM double parameter
cam_getdrlaccuracyCAM drill tool tolerance query
cam_getgenpltparamCAM general plot parameter query
cam_getgerberaptCAM Gerber aperture definition query
cam_getgerberparamCAM Gerber plot parameter query
cam_gethpglparamCAM HP-GL plot parameter query
cam_getintparGet CAM integer parameter
cam_getplotlaycodeCAM plot layer code query
cam_getpowpltparamCAM power layer plot parameter query
cam_getwidedrawCAM wide line display start width query
cam_plotgerberCAM Gerber photo plot output
cam_plothpglCAM HP-GL pen plot output
cam_setdblparSet CAM double parameter
cam_setdrlaccuracySet CAM drill tool tolerance
cam_setgenpltparamSet CAM general plot parameters
cam_setgerberaptSet CAM Gerber aperture definition
cam_setintparSet CAM integer parameter
cam_setplotlaycodeSet CAM plot layer code
cam_setpowpltparamSet CAM power layer plot parameters
cam_setwidedrawSet CAM wide line display start width

C.1.8 CAM View System Functions (CV)

The following User Language system functions are assigned to caller type CV; i.e., they can be called from the CAM View interpreter environment of the Bartels AutoEngineer:

cv_aptgetcolorGet CAM View aperture color
cv_aptsetcolorSet CAM View aperture color
cv_deldatasetDelete CAM View data set
cv_getdblparGet CAM View double parameter
cv_getintparGet CAM View integer parameter
cv_movedatasetMove CAM View data set
cv_setdblparSet CAM View double parameter
cv_setintparSet CAM View integer parameter

C.1.9 IC Design System Functions (ICD)

The following User Language system functions are assigned to caller type ICD; i.e., they can be called from the Chip Editor interpreter environment of the Bartels AutoEngineer:

icd_altpinlayIC Design setup alternate pin layer
icd_cellconlayIC Design setup intern. cell connection layer
icd_cellscanIC Design setup DRC on cell level mode
icd_cellshrIC Design setup cell keepout area shrink
icd_ciflaynameIC Design setup CIF output layer name
icd_cstdsizIC Design setup standard cell height
icd_defelemnameIC Design setup default element name
icd_deflibnameIC Design setup default library name
icd_drcarcIC Design setup DRC arc mode
icd_drcgridIC Design setup DRC grid
icd_drclaymodeIC Design setup layer DRC mode
icd_drcmaxparIC Design setup DRC parallel check length
icd_drcminwidthIC Design setup DRC layer minimal dimensions
icd_drcrectIC Design setup DRC orthogonal mode
icd_ecnlaymodeIC Design setup layer connectivity check
icd_findconpartFind IC Design part index of a named part
icd_findconpartpinFind IC Design part pin index of a named part pin
icd_findcontreeFind IC Design net index of a named net
icd_getrulecntGet rule count for specific object
icd_getrulenameGet rule name from specific object
icd_gettreeidxFind IC Design net index of a tree
icd_grpdisplayIC Design setup group display layer
icd_lastfigelemGet last modified IC Design figure list element
icd_maccoordsGet IC Design (scanned) macro coordinates
icd_nrefsearchSearch named IC Design reference
icd_outlinelayIC Design setup cell outline layer
icd_pindistIC Design setup pin keepout distance
icd_plcxgridIC Design setup placement grid
icd_plcxoffsetIC Design setup placement offset
icd_routcellcntIC Design setup number of power supply cells
icd_routcellnameIC Design setup name of power supply cell
icd_ruleerrRule System error code query
icd_rulefigattAttach rule(s) to figure list element
icd_rulefigdetDetach rules from figure list element
icd_ruleplanattAttach rule(s) to currently loaded element
icd_ruleplandetDetach rules from currently loaded element
icd_rulequeryPerform rule query on specific object
icd_scanallScan all IC Design figure list elements
icd_scanfelemScan IC Design figure list element
icd_scanpoolScan IC Design pool element
icd_stdlaynameIC Design setup standard layer name
icd_stdpinlayIC Design setup standard pin layer
icd_vecttextVectorize IC Design text

C.1.10 Chip Editor System Functions (CED)

The following User Language system functions are assigned to caller type CED; i.e., they can be called from the Chip Editor interpreter environment of the Bartels AutoEngineer:

ced_asklayerCED layer selection
ced_delelemDelete CED figure list element
ced_drawelemRedraw CED figure list element
ced_elemangchgChange CED figure list element rotation angle
ced_elemfixchgChange CED figure list element fixed flag
ced_elemgrpchgChange CED figure list element group flag
ced_elemlaychgChange CED figure list element layer
ced_elemmirrchgChange CED figure list element mirror mode
ced_elemposchgChange CED figure list element position
ced_elemsizechgChange CED figure list element size
ced_getlaydispmodeGet CED layer display mode
ced_getminconGet CED Mincon function type
ced_getpathwidthGet CED path standard widths
ced_getpickpreflayGet CED pick preference layer
ced_getwidedrawGet CED wide line display start width
ced_groupselectCED group selection
ced_highlnetSet CED net highlight mode
ced_layergrpchgSelect CED group by layer
ced_partaltmacroChange CED net list part cell type
ced_partnamechgChange CED net list part name
ced_pickelemPick CED figure list element
ced_setlaydispmodeSet CED layer display mode
ced_setminconSet CED Mincon function type
ced_setpathwidthSet CED path standard widths
ced_setpickpreflaySet CED pick preference layer
ced_setwidedrawSet CED wide line display start width
ced_storepartPlace CED part or pin
ced_storepathPlace CED internal polygon as path
ced_storepolyPlace CED internal polygon
ced_storetextPlace CED text
ced_storeurefPlace CED unnamed reference (via or subpart)
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