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copyddb - Copy Design Database Utility


copyddb srcfile dstfile {-ms|-md|-mr}
         -drc|-llib|-gtab|-fnt|-sct|-lct|-ict|-ulp|-ull|-rule|-recover} [pattern]


The copyddb utility program copies selected database class entries and all their references from one DDB (Design DataBase) file to another. copyddb can be used as a batch mode driven tool for merging libraries or updating job design files.

copyddb accepts two filenames as arguments. srcfile and dstfile are the names of the DDB source file and the DDB destination file (these files must be available with extension .ddb unless file name extensions are explicitly included with the file name specifications). copyddb copies elements from the source file to the destination file. The merge switch is used to control whether existing destination file entries should be replaced overwritten (source file is master) or not (destination file is master) or whether only existing destination file elements should be overwritten (replace).

copyddb optionally accepts a key pattern string as argument. The pattern denotes the name(s) of the elements to be copied. Wildcards are allowed with the pattern specification. All elements of the selected class are copied if no pattern is specified. The object class of the element(s) to be copied is selected with the class switch.


Merge Switch (required):

-msmerge source (source file is master)
-mdmerge destination (destination file is master)
-mrmerge replace (source file is master)

Class Switch (required):

-a all classes
-as all SCM classes (same as all -s? switches)
-al all layout classes (same as all -l? switches)
-ac all chip/IC design classes (same as all -c? switches)
-sp SCM plans (with part list and logical net list)
-ss SCM symbols (with logical library)
-sl SCM labels
-sm SCM marker
-ll layout plans (with physical net list and paths)
-lp layout parts
-ls layout padstacks
-ld layout pads
-cl chip/IC design layouts (with physical net list and paths)
-cc chip/IC design cells
-cp chip/IC design pins
-drc layout design rule check parameter blocks
-llib logical library entries
-gtab Gerber aperture tables
-fnt BAE font data
-sct SCM color tables
-lct layout color tables
-ict chip/IC design color tables
-ulp User Language programs
-ull User Language libraries
-rule Rule system definitions
-recoverall classes (recovery mode for corrupt DDB files)


To copy all layout symbols with element names matching so1* (e.g., so14, so16, ...) from newlib.ddb to laylib.ddb with laylib.ddb supposed to be the master file:

>  copyddb newlib laylib -md -lp so1* Return/Enter Key (CR)

To copy all schematic design data from design.ddb to redesign.ddb with design.ddb supposed to be the master file:

>  copyddb design redesign -ms -as Return/Enter Key (CR)

To update the padstack definitions matching finger* in design.ddb according to the definitions in laylib.ddb:

>  copyddb laylib design -ms -ls finger* Return/Enter Key (CR)

To copy all User Language libraries from ulcprog.vdb to ullibs.sav with ulcprog.vdb supposed to be the master file:

>  copyddb ulcprog.vdb ullibs.sav -ms -ulp Return/Enter Key (CR)

Replace layout parts in design.ddb with corresponding parts from library.ddb, i.e., update job-specific layout library in design.ddb:

>  copyddb library design -mr -lp Return/Enter Key (CR)


bae.log -- logfile (written to current directory)

See also


The functionality for copying DDB file elements is also implemented through the ddbcopyelem User Language system function.


The error messages issued by copyddb are intended to be self-explanatory.


copyddb is a powerful tool for manipulating DDB file contents. Be aware of WHAT you are doing with copyddb. Conflicts can occur when merging SCM and/or layout plans from different design files since the part lists, net lists, part attributes, etc. are merged, too (i.e., you might run into serious Packager and/or Backannotation problems, when using copyddb inappropriately). We strongly recommend to check the destination file consistency after applying copyddb!

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