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This section provides useful material and resources for PC and internet users in general, and more specifically for web designers and software developers. This includes answers to frequently asked questions, tutorials, source code snippets and free scripts, technical reference tables, software recommendations, useful web addresses, book recommendations, etc. Over time, we hope to turn this section into a comprehensive reference for both beginners and experts. We are trying to provide working solutions for professional applications. The scripts and code snippets in this section are taken from real projects. Links to external websites are hand-picked and we only recommend literature which we frequently use ourselves.


Last Change

Internet Applications 02/10/2010
Using Web Browsers 13/02/2011
MSIE/IE - Microsoft Internet Explorer 29/10/2008
MSOE - Microsoft Outlook Express 29/10/2008
Web Development 02/10/2010
HTML - HyperText Markup Language 02/01/2011
HTML Character Sets and Named Entities 13/09/2022
Web-safe Colors 13/04/2011
Composing Emails with HTML 02/01/2011
HTML Literature 02/01/2011
CSS - Cascading Style Sheets 01/08/2011
CSS Generators 20/09/2022
JavaScript (ECMAScript) 01/10/2011
JavaScript Applications 
JavaScript Application: Print Current Page/Document 29/10/2008
JavaScript Application: Add a Page/URL to Internet Explorer Favorites (IE4) 29/10/2008
JavaScript Application: Set Internet Explorer Homepage (IE5) 29/10/2008
JavaScript Application: Email a Page/Link to a Friend 29/10/2008
JavaScript Application: Display Web-safe Colors 29/10/2008
JavaScript Application: MIDI Player 29/10/2008
JavaScript Methods 
JavaScript Method AddFavorite (IE4) 29/10/2008
JavaScript Method print 29/10/2008
JavaScript Method setHomePage (IE5) 29/10/2008
JavaScript Literature 02/10/2010
PHP - PHP Hypertext Preprocessor 02/10/2010
PHP Applications 
PHP Application: Browser Check 02/10/2010
PHP Application: DNS (Domain Name System) Lookups 02/10/2010
PHP Application: Display/View Web Page Contents/Source 02/10/2010
PHP Application: File Download Utilities 31/07/2010
PHP Application: Display Web-safe Colors 02/10/2010
PHP Functions 
PHP Function phpinfo (INFO) 02/10/2010
PHP Function phpversion (INFO) 02/10/2010
PHP Literature 02/10/2010
Web Graphics 27/05/2011
Web-safe Colors 13/04/2011
Web Graphic Generators 24/03/2011
Mobile Web 15/10/2011
Web Analytics 21/12/2012
Legal Aspects of Electronic Commerce 29/10/2008
Value Added Tax 18/05/2018
Payment Methods 29/10/2008
PayPal 29/10/2008
Web Development Tools and Utilities 02/10/2010
References, Tables 29/10/2008
HTML Color Names and RGB Values 29/10/2008
Dictionaries, Acronyms, Glossary 
Phonetic Alphabets 29/10/2008

Baumeister Mediasoft Engineering » Resources

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